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Creative Year in Review: 2013

I usually do these a little closer to New Year's, but I'm in the mood, so let's see how we did on last year's goals.

Last year's goals:

- Match or beat my 2013 word count (255,700 wds) Yes! 267,800 as of last count; may go even higher
- Submit the urban fantasy novel to agents I did do this, although since I didn't get any nibbles, it's being revised again.
- Finish the urban fantasy sequel (book 2) and outline book 3 Half done! The rough draft of the sequel is finished; I did not get book 3 outlined, however.
- Write another novel (as me)
- Write another novel/novella as my romance alias I did great on this - completed rough drafts of one novel & one novella!
- Sell a short story to a pro market
- Sell more romance fiction Yes! Several things sold in 2013. :)
- Get the Hunter’s Moon book out
- Continue pursuing watercolor cards as a business venture

I did better than usual, I think, although it was mostly concentrated in certain areas. The comics and art got badly neglected. Still, I'm pretty happy with my results.

And here's my list of what I sold and/or published in 2013:

Graphic Novels/Comics:
- Freebird was technically published in late 2012, but I think it's still worth mentioning! Available on Amazon here; or read most of it for free. (The published version contains about 30 pages of additional strips not available in the online version.)

Short Stories
- My story "Stormrider" will appear in the SF anthology Fierce Family from Crossed Genres in 2014.
- The Bride in Furs at Plunge Magazine
- The Lichenwold Crossing at Torn World

As Layla M. Wier (romance pen name; most of the following contain some erotic content)
- Homespun (stand-alone novella) from Dreamspinner Press - On Amazon - At Dreamspinner
- "Waiting for the Light", short story in Snow on the Roof anthology from Dreamspinner Press - At Amazon - At Dreamspinner
- "Finder's Keeper", novella in the Big Damn Heroines anthology from Storm Moon Press - At Amazon - At Storm Moon Press
- "Untouchable", short story in the Steamed Up anthology from Dreamspinner Press - At Amazon - At Dreamspinner

I also redid my website, started a blog for romance!me, taught at the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival (I will also be teaching next summer), and took a semester of classes at UAF, on top of being ill most of the summer! No wonder I sometimes felt like I didn't know which way I was going.

On the other hand, the majority of the above creative work was written in 2012; I think the impact of 2013 will be felt in the first half of next year, which is going to be pretty dry, publication-wise. But here's hoping I can meet or beat my own record in 2014. Back soon with my new goals for the coming year!

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Dec. 26th, 2013 07:37 am (UTC)
Bravos, all around!
Dec. 26th, 2013 07:47 am (UTC)
Thank you! :) You too -- you've been kicking ass this year!
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